Download the Arduino code from Github and upload to the Flora board using the Adafruit Arduino IDE.  The file is named mailbox.ino

      git clone

Configuration Options

TOTAL_LIGHTS int should be set to the number of Neopixels you are using.

EVENT_DELAY or quite period, is the number of milliseconds to wait before sending a second mailbox open or close event message.  This is set to 10 seconds by default and is used to prevent someone from repeatedly opening and closing your mailbox to spam you with notifications.

LIGHT_ON_MILLIS is the number of milliseconds to leave the NeoPixels on if the mailbox lid stays open.

MAX_UPTIME is the number of milliseconds the board will stay awake before entering sleep mode.  This is set to 10 seconds by default.  Change it if you want the board to stay awake longer or shorter.

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