Simple Stuff

At the top of the code there is a section with some user changeable settings. It looks like this:

# --| USER CONFIG |--------------------------
    "9447130"  # tide location, find yours here:
METRIC = False  # set to True for metric units
VSCALE = 2  # pixels per ft or m
DAILY_UPDATE_HOUR = 3  # 24 hour format
# -------------------------------------------

The most important is STATION_ID, which sets the location. If you want the plot to use meters instead of feet, you can set METRIC to True. The plot does not auto adjust the scale, so if you find plot data getting squished or going off the grid, you can change VSCALE as needed. And finally, DAILY_UPDATE_HOUR is the hour in 24 hour format at which time the tide information and display are updated.

Not So Simple Stuff

The plot grid and banner behind the date label were created as a bitmap image. This is then loaded and added in with the other various graphical elements. So to actually change either of those, you would need to alter the source bitmap.

Here is the SVG file used to create the bitmap.

There were some additional refinements done using image editor software (gimp) after exporting the SVG to a PNG. Then the PNG was converted to a BMP for use in CircuitPython. If you want to alter this graphic, starting with the SVG file is the best way.

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