This project is perfect for the book lover in all of us. In this project you will create a clock that tells the time using quotes from books. It'll update every five or so minutes (there are enough quotes to update more often but doing so has the potential to wear out your eInk display). Each time, it will display a quote that has the time highlighted in bold.

The code for this project also has some useful functions for mixing multiple fonts in a relatively seamless text block, so if you're trying to do that check out the code attached.


Angled shot of Adafruit MagTag development board with ESP32-S2 and E-Ink display.
The Adafruit MagTag combines the new ESP32-S2 wireless module and a 2.9" grayscale E-Ink display to make a low-power IoT display that can show data on its screen even when power...
USB Type A to Type C Cable - approx 1 meter / 3 ft long
As technology changes and adapts, so does Adafruit. This  USB Type A to Type C cable will help you with the transition to USB C, even if you're still...
5V 2A Switching Power Supply with  USB-A Connector
Our 5V 2A USB power adapter is the perfect choice for powering single-board computers like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, or anything else that's power-hungry!This adapter was...

If you'd like to mount yours like I did in the pictures:

This project is not designed with low power consumption in mind. I would not recommend running it off of a LiPo
Angled shot of four magnet feet.
Got a glorious RGB Matrix project you want to mount and display in your workspace or home? If you have one of the matrix panels listed below, you'll need a pack of these...

If you would like an acrylic frame:

Acrylic + Hardware Kit for Adafruit MagTag showing contents
Here is the perfect kit with two faceplate options for your MagTag, including a vivid Red Arrow plate and a dreamy white Cloud plate. And of course, the mounting hardware is included,...

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