Flashcard science is actually a surprisingly broad and well-researched topic! There are lots of modifications that could be added to a program like this to help you learn faster, but weren't a good fit for this tutorial.

The example programs given here should be a good start, but if you'd looking for inspiration on creating your own flashcards, or making modifications to this example program, you can check out the following links.

Font License:

This guide uses the Yasashisa Gothic (やさしさゴシック) font. It's free for both personal and commercial projects, and uses the IPA license.

IPA summary from TLDRLegal:

The IPA license applies only to font programs and allows for a great deal of freedom in distributing them, both commercially and non-commercially. You cannot change the name of redistributed versions of the original software and must include a copy of the license, however.


This guide was first published on Jan 06, 2021. It was last updated on Jul 18, 2024.

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