Start by arranging four magnets in a square, then press fit them into the groves.

Add Foam Tape

Measure two pieces of industrial strength foam tape - these go in between the spaces of the groves.

Be sure to apply pressure to the tape so that it adheres well to the 3D printed strip. Use scissors to tape the foam tape to size.

Position Strip

Find a good spot in the fridge to add the strip, making sure there's enough clearance for different sized containers.

Use a damp paper towel with alcohol to clean the area and wipe away any condensation.

When dry, place the 3D printed strip into place and firmly press on it. 

Save Space!

And that’s it, your fridge will be more spacious.

Whether you need space for leftovers or you just like to keep your fridge tidy, this simple project is a great use of 3D printing!

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