RGB Bluetooth LE light bulbs (a.k.a. "smart bulbs") for household light sockets are really neat-o, allowing you to create custom lighting effects for your room. Typically, these are controlled with a mobile device app, but we think it's much more fun to build our own custom remote, and use physical sliders to mix colors!

Using CircuitPython, running on the nRF52840-based Circuit Playground Bluefruit (CPB), makes it all possible. We can send the same commands over Bluetooth LE (BLE) from the CPB as you would normally from your mobile device, the proprietary MagicLight app, and a whole lot more!

We'll harness the Circuit Playground Bluefruit board's buttons, slide switch, on-board NeoPixels, and speaker to act as RGB color value indicators, connection state UI, two-position dimmer switch, and momentary light blinkers!


MagicLight Bluetooth LE Bulb

You can find these at many online retailers and big box hardware stores.

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Let's get on with the magic!

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