Pick an outside longer branch to start with. Longer branches will get 3 LEDs, while shorter branches will get 2. Choose three large berries and remove them--we'll deal with those later. For now, we will be doing the wiring for the LED sequins that will replace them.

Start at the LED near the tip of the branch. Cut and strip a piece of green wire long enough to go from the (+) of that LED to the (+) of the next LED. Now cut and strip a piece of white wire that will go betweem the (-) of those two LEDs. Solder them in place. Continue the same process for the other LEDs. Two wires on the same end can be twisted and soldered as one. Be sure to leave 4" tails of wire after the last LED to attach to the Trinket.

As you complete a row of LEDs, test their wiring with a small watch battery to be sure they work. Then, use floral tape to wrap each wired branch. Stretch the tape slightly as you go, so the tape adheres. Take the tape all the way to the end of the branch and cover the wires as best as you can. Now repeat wiring and wrapping for the other branches. 

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