Note that the Trinket is oriented up in this diagram in order to make the pins easily readable. In the finished project, the Trinket will be oriented in the opposite direction with the USB and battery jacks facing down. You may have to adjust this configuration with more or less parallel wired LED sequins for your own mistletoe bunch. The bunch I chose has five branches, so I decided to put LEDs on four of them and leave the center one for the motion sensor. The branches are coded to light up staggered, so you may have to tweak the code since your branches may be labeled differently from mine. Have fun with it.

PIR Sensor Power (Red) --> Trinket 3V

PIR Sensor Black (Ground) --> Trinket GND

PIR Sensor Yellow (Output) --> Trinket Pin 0

LED Branch 1 (+) --> Trinket Pin 1

LED Branch 2 (+) --> Trinket Pin 2

LED Branch 3 (+) --> Trinket Pin 3

LED Branch 4 (+) --> Trinket Pin 4

All LED Branches (-) --> Trinket GND



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