Now it's time to prep the Circuit Playground Express (CPX) so that your browser can recognize it and interact with the model we'll train next.

Download the UF2

Connect your Circuit Playground Express to your computer via a known, good USB cable (not a charger "power only" cable, please).

Single or double click the reset button (try both!) to enter bootloader mode.

A new flash drive should appear named CPLAYBOOT. Download the UF2 file below. Using your operating system file explorer/finder, drag the UF2 file onto the CPX's CPLAYBOOT drive.

Load TinySorter in Chrome

Ensure your Circuit Playground Express is still connected to your computer via a USB cable.

P5 is a hosting for web code that uses javascript
  • Open up this link in a new Chrome browser window.
  • Click CONNECT HARDWARE, select the board listed and hit connect.


Your sorter should start to move! (Disconnect the servo cable from pin A1 to stop the sorter from moving, if desired.)

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