In Lobe, training happens automatically as soon as you add enough images (a minimum of 5 for each label). 

When you have taken between 5 and 10 pictures of each object and training is complete, test out the model by following the steps below.

1. In Lobe, select the Use tab and choose Camera.

1a. This is the ML model prediction. The more full this bar is, the more confident the algorithm is with the prediction.

2. Try different placements of the objects used for training and see how the model performs.


Try other objects of the same type to check model accuracy. Also try out multiple objects at once. You will notice Lobe only makes one prediction at a time, even if there are multiple objects. See if you can trick your model into predicting the wrong thing and find ways to improve it.

3. Improve your model using the buttons in the bottom right.

My model did a great job at identifying sticky notes, but it mixed up the pen and highlighter.

1b. Use these buttons to give Lobe feedback to improve your model.

Click the green button for images that the model predicts correctly. Select the red button for images the model predicts incorrectly.

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