The Lumo Lift is a posture sensing wearable device that vibrates when you slouch. It clips to your shirt or bra with a magnetic clasp, and is calbrated by double-pressing its onboard button.

Lumo Lift magnetically snaps into its USB-connected base station for recharging.

We took it apart to see what's inside!

Lumo Lift comes with a few different magnetic brooches, and more varieties are available at their site.

It was simple enough to get the Lumo Lift and its battery charger apart using pliers, and awl, and diagonal flush cutters. Inside we found a circuit board and lipoly battery, as well as more magnets (and in the case of the charger, pieces of metal).

Inside the charger:

Inside the Lift:

Chips we identified on the board:

  • Nordic NRF8001 Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Cylabs EFM32 Gecko processor
  • Winbond 25032 SPI flash
  • LIS3DH triple-axis accelerometer

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