The servo wires end in a black block with three wires. We'll use jumper wires that have a pin that goes into the jumper and has an alligator clip on the end to make the connection to the round Circuit Playground Express. Using three of these jumpers, make the following connections:

  • Sevo red to Circuit Playground Express pad Vout
  • Servo black to Circuit Playground Express pad GND
  • Servo yellow to Circuit Playground Express pad A1.
Connections to the Circuit Playground Express

Coil any extra wire and use tape, a twist tie, tape, or a semi-rigid piece of wire to bundle the excess up out of the way.

Install fresh AA batteries into the battery holder. Turn the switch on the case to OFF for now. Plug the battery holder white connector into the black plastic connector on the Circuit Playground Express.

Check all connections with the diagram to be sure everything is connected. Ensure the Circuit Playground Express and Battery holder are adhered to the back of the cat via double-sided tape or similar.

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