Draw the Design

If you haven't already, draw your design on the construction paper. (See Build the Box for tips.)

Draw the openings, making sure they're big enough to get the body parts (or other game pieces you choose to make) in and out of the opening.

Cut Out the Openings

Cut the Foil

With the push pin, punch 4-6 holes around the openings.

On the foil side, cut across the openings in an X shape.

Fold the foil out of the way.

Remove the binder clip before doing this step so you don't accidentally short-circuit your gameboard! I neglected to do that in these photos.

Cut the Cardboard

Cut out the cardboard holes. Save the cut-out piece to help you measure the game pieces that fit in the openings!

Fold the foil back up through the opening to the outside. Scrunch it up around the edges.

Add additional foil or foil tape if needed.

Make the Sides and Bottom of the Openings

Cut a strip of construction paper or cardstock to fit around each opening and tape into a loop.

Tape the loops around each opening on the foil side.

Add extra loops around the edges to support the bottom of the box.

Insert the bottom of box back into the box until it rests on the loops.

The binder clip should be outside the box bottom.

Educators: To save time with a group, cut the cardstock strips for the sides of the openings beforehand. Make them all the same width so the bottom of the box rests evenly on them.

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