Make the Game Pieces

Trace around the openings you cut out onto a foam plate.

Draw game pieces to fit through the openings. Color if you want, then cut them out.

STOP AND TEST: Make sure you are able to remove the pieces with the tweezers. Adjust as needed.

When everything is working, you're ready to play!

How to Play

See how many game pieces you can remove from the openings without setting off the buzzer and light!

You can play by yourself against the clock to see how fast you can clear the board.

With other players, each player keeps going until the buzzer sounds. Then switch turns to the next person. See who can collect the most pieces by the end of the game!

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the LED, the buzzer, or the motor don't work, check that they are connected firmly to the foil.
  • If just the LED or just the buzzer doesn’t work, check that it is not in backwards. The motor will work no matter which way around you connect it.
  • If nothing works, check that the battery is firmly connected to the outside foil. Also check that the wire is firmly connected to the top of the battery.
  • If one of the openings doesn't work, add more foil around the edge.

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