Attach Foil Inside the Box

Cut foil to fit inside the box. (In the example here, I tried snipping off one corner so the motor would connect directly to the cardboard. It's probably not necessary.)

Apply glue stick around edges. Attach foil, smoothing as you go.

On the outside of the box, where you want to place the LED, attach a strip of foil tape at least 3 inches long and a little less than the height of the box (or just glue on a strip of kitchen foil).

Attach the Motor and/or the Buzzer Inside the Box

For the motor: Strip the ends of its wires. The red wire is positive, but with the motor it doesn't really matter which way you connect them.

Attach the motor to the inside of the box, near the outside foil. Play around with ways to let the motor vibrate as much as possible. In this example, I fastened the wires near the motor to the box with clear tape, but left the motor hanging loose.

Use copper foil tape to attach the stripped end of one wire to the foil.

Use a jumbo push pin to poke a hole through the side of the box near the motor. Thread the other wire through to the outside of the box.

For the buzzer: Carefully bend the wires out to the sides. Poke a hole for the buzzer wire with the push pin. Position the buzzer with the negative wire sticking out through the hole. Use copper foil tape to attach the positive wire to the foil inside the box.

For both: Use the copper foil tape to connect the outside wire to the outside piece of foil.

For the circuit to work, make sure "metal touches metal" -- the metal part of the wire should touch the foil and the foil tape (or the conductive glue on the copper foil tape). For extra security, you can add a piece of clear tape on top.

Attach the LED to the Inside and Outside Foil

Position the LED near the outside foil.

Poke a hole through the top of the box and insert the longer wire (positive lead).

Bend the lead so it touches the inside foil. Secure with copper tape.

Attach the shorter wire (negative lead) to the outside foil with copper tape.

Attach the Tweezers and Battery

Cut a piece of wire about 12" long. Strip the ends.

Connect one end to the positive (+) side of the battery with copper tape.

Connect the other end to the tweezer with copper tape.

Use CLEAR tape to attach the battery to the outside foil, positive side out. Insulate the rest of the outside foil and wires with clear tape.

For a better connection, use a binder clip to hold the battery tightly against the foil.

STOP AND TEST YOUR CIRCUIT! Touch tweezers to foil around the edge of the holes to make sure they all work. If needed, add more foil or use copper foil tape.

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