You can import pictures or use the camera on you mobile to create the face geometry.

Use the Polycam app in photo mode to automatically snap pictures of all angles of your face or upload pictures taken from your library. 

Take at least 50 pictures of all sides of the statue. Include the tops and underneath the statue to ensure geometry is created for the whole object. 

Even with differences in lighting, distance and people walking in front of the statue, you can get a pretty decent scan.

After polycam processes the pictures, you can export an obj file to clean and modify.

Clean 3D Scan

To isolate the statue, you’ll want to clean up the model for 3D printing.

We imported the file into Blender and removed the unwanted geometry. 

We’ll start by adding a box around the part we’d like to remove.

Next, we’ll add a boolean modifier and use the box to isolate the statue. 

Switch to Edit mode to select any left over faces and delete. 

Delete Left over faces

Switch to Edit mode to select any left over faces and delete.

Enter object mode, select the object and frame selected to verify all the extra faces are deleted. 

From here the model is ready to print or it can made into a low polygon version. 

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