Solder Boards


Follow the circuit diagram to connect the two boards together. 

Place the components over the mounts on the case to measure wire length.



Use male and female headers to easy connect the two servos and two NeoPixel boards. You may use kapton tape to seal the connections.

Mount Magnet

Align the magnet pin to press fit through the cutouts on the case.

Mount boards

The ItsyBitsy, Lipo backpack and slide switch press fit into the bottom body. Align the ItsyBitsy USB port to the opening of the case.

Mount Servo to Center Body

Place the two servos with the mounting holes against the flat walls of the center body part.  

Servo Horns

The left horn attaches to the servo with the corner cut out on the case. Use the included screws to secure both horns to each servo.

Thread wires

Push the two servo wires into the center hole on the case. Coil the wires to avoid cutting them short.

Align Bottom and Center Body

Rotate the Bottom Part so the USB port opening points towards the back of Lola. Orient the Center Body part so the two holes (LED eyes) face the opposite side of the USB port.

Pass the two LED wires from the underside of the Center Part to the top.

Place the battery on same side as the slide switch. The battery plugs into the JST port on the lipo backpack board.


Plug all the connectors together.

Attach Center to Bottom Body

Align the Bottom Body part clips to the center body grooves.

Use a Spudger tool to disassemble if needed.

Wing Assemble

A metal paper clip is used to create the pin for the wings. Use Precision Flat Pliers to carefully bend the wire to fit the curvature  of the wing tabs. 


Use eye and protection and gloves and use caution in cutting paper clips as metal piece(s) may fly in uncertain directions.

Tail Assemble 

Align the tail so the cut corner faces the eyes. This allows the tail to fully fold forward for transporting the droid. 

Connect NeoPixels

Solder male headers to the NeoPixel Jewel and NeoPixel Button.

Pass the LED wires into the Top Body cut outs. 

Attach Top Body


Align the clips on the top body part to the grooves on the Center Body part. Seat the first to clips into the groove then the press fit the last two clips into the grooves.

Attach diffuser domes

Connect the Neopixel boards to the wires.



Use skate lubricant to help the wings to flap smoothly.  

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