For your listening pleasure, you can plug headphones or self-powered speakers into the headphone jack. To quickly mute the device, you can move the on/off switch to the off position.

You can use the 5-way control stick to control the radio:

  • Up/Down: Adjust volume
  • Left/Right: Switch among available stations
  • Push stick in: Reload page, if music stops or gets stuck
  • Button: Play/pause
  • Slide switch: Mute/unmute audio
  • Hold button for 5 seconds: shut down

If you customized the rotation of your screen during the Display Module Install, the 5-way control stick's direction will match the screen rotation.

Watch kitty swing her tail or get belly-pats on the LCD screen.  The video feed is zoomed to remove black bars from the top and bottom. (in this photo, the LCD's image is simulated)

Remember that as long as you enabled Overlay Mode, you can also unplug or turn off the Pi at any time without damaging it.  A USB-C power cable with an inline switch is perfect for this purpose.  The inexpensive ones tend to work with the official Raspberry Pi power supply but not with PD power supplies or as data cables.

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