Create an enclosure for your Pi that will hold the camera, pushbutton, and LEDs in place while also protecting the Pi.

Design your own enclosure or follow our build instructions below for quickly prototyping a cardboard enclosure!

1. On the top of the small cardboard box, trace the locations for the pushbutton, status light, identifier lights, and the pi camera window

  • Note: Pi camera window should be about 3/4" x 1/2".

2. Using your precision knife, cut out the traces.

  • Note: you may want to test the sizes as you go

3. You can paint the box if you wish. Mount the pushbutton.

4. Cut out a rectangular "window" cover for the Pi Camera (Photo 4) and glue on the inside of the box

5. Finally, cut out slot for the Pi power cable.

  • Recommended to first install all electronics to locate the best place for the pi power cable slot.

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