Transfer the model to the Pi

Connect your Pi to a power source.

Open command prompt on a PC or terminal on Mac/Linux. Connect to your Pi using SSH.

The command will look like the following, replacing the numbers after the @ sign with the IP address of your Pi:

Your Pi's IP address is on the screen of the BrainCraft. You can also use the hostname address, e.g. "raspberrypi.local" ([email protected]).

Create a new folder in the home directory and name it model by using the following commands:

cd ~
mkdir model

Open the FTP connection and use it to copy saved_model.tflite and signature.json from your exported Lobe model into the model directory on the Pi.

Follow the same procedure for FileZilla.

Test your model

Use the commands below to download and run the basic Lobe classifier on your Pi:

cd ~
cd lobe-adafruit-kit

Make sure that all the Rock, Paper, Scissors hand gestures are working as expected. It's best to keep the camera background consistent with the images you used for training.

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