Classify hand gestures to play Rock, Paper, Scissors on your Pi using computer vision and machine learning! Lobe is a free, easy to use app that lets you train custom machine learning (ML) models without any code. Download Lobe here.

In this tutorial, we'll build a Rock, Paper, Scissors ML model and play against our Pi. The game will classify your hand gesture using the Pi camera, let the computer randomly pick one, and determine who the winner is.

This is a fun introduction to building interactive ML models with Lobe on the Pi. Use this as a starting point to explore your own ideas!

This tutorial is part of a series which includes:

Background Knowledge

New to using Lobe? Check out our introductory tutorial:

We also recommend that you have familiarity with the following topics:

  1. Setting up and using the Raspberry Pi
  2. Some experience terminal window
  3. Some experience with Python

This guide was first published on Mar 31, 2021. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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