Parts List

STL files for 3D printing are oriented to print "as-is" on FDM style machines. Parts are designed to 3D print without any support material. Original design source may be downloaded using the links below.

We used Sparkly Glitter PLA Filament from ERYONE

Minimum print bed dimensions are 150x150x150mm 

Slicing Parts


Supports are required. Slice with setting for PLA material. 

The parts were sliced using CURA using the slice settings below.

  • PLA filament 220c extruder
  • 0.2 layer height (charlie-frame @ .15)
  • 10% gyroid infill
  • 60mm/s print speed
  • 60c heated bed



  • Support Extrusion Width: .2
  • Support Density: 4%
  • Support Overhang Angle: 70
  • Support Z Height: .21
  • Interface: Off
  • Support Roof: Off
  • Support Pattern: Zig Zag

Build Plate Adhesion 


  • Type: Brim
  • Line Count: 4
  • Brim on outside

Acrylic Panels

The four LED diffusion panels are slightly rectangular: 62 mm wide by 60.5 mm tall. There are a few ways these can be made:

  • The score-and-snap method, using a straightedge and plastic scoring tool or back of an X-Acto blade. Wear eye protection!
  • CNC milling.
  • Laser cutting. If purchasing the LED diffusion acrylic from a retail source like TAP Plastics, some offer laser cutting services for a modest fee…or some makerspaces have a laser cutter for member use.

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