@230 PLA
15% Infill
0.2 Layer Height
3 Shells
60mm/s Print Speed
120mm/s Travel Speed

swordTop.stl = 6 hours

swordBtm.stl = 4 hours

swordGuard.stl = 3 hours

swordEnd.stl = 2 hours

Printing a 600mm sword is a bit too big to print in one piece so the sword was broken up into four pieces. 

We used the Printrbot Plus to print this project because it has a max z-height of 250mm- which is perfect for printing really tall things like swords. You can also edit our source files to fit the parts on smaller printers.

Clean Up

Retration pieces and blobs left over from printing are easy to clean up. Most of the rectraction pieces peel off by hand. You can then use a metal flat end like the iJimmy to smooth out edges. Use flush cutters to remove any blobs from the surface of the parts.

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