PCBs, Hardware, and Mounts

The Adafruit Feather and Prop-Maker FeatherWing PCBs are secured to separate mounting brackets. When the boards snap together they form a retainer that slides into the barrel of the hilt. Use the following suggested hardware to secure the PCBs.

Use an M2.5 size tap to create threads in holes of the 3D printed mounting brackets.

Hardware Supplies



Secure Adafruit Feather

Hold the PCB and mounting bracket together while inserting a machine screw through one of the mounting holes. Use a screw driver to fasten the screws into the brackets. Fasten the threaded inserts to the screws tightly to secure the parts together. Reference the photos for correct orientation.



Secure Adafruit Prop-Maker

Repeat the same process to secure the Prop-Maker FeatherWing to the mounting bracket. I used needle nose pliers to tightly fasten the threaded inserts. I found hex jam nuts to be too big for them to sit beside the headers.




MicroUSB Extension

The orientation of the Feather PCB and Prop-Maker FeatherWing are in a way where the micro USB connector isn't easily accessible in the hilt. Use a micro USB cable and micro USB breakout board to create an extension. The microUSB breakout PCB features two mounting holes that can be used to secure the PCB to the Feather mounting bracket. To create this, I cut a micro USB cable (one with data wires!)  and soldered it to the pins on the breakout.




Install Feather to Prop-Maker

Orient the two PCBs so the headers and pins match. Carefully connect them by firmly pressing them together. The wiring and cables should be kink free with enough wiggle room. 

Install + Connect MicroUSB

Use 2x M2.5 x 8mm flat head machine screws to secure the micro USB breakout to the 3d printed mounting bracket for the feather. Plug in the microUSB cable to the Adafruit Feather with the cable inside the bracket. Double check your wiring for solid connections.

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