Zoot Suit Glowing Pocket Square

This Zoot Suit has a breast pocket which is perfect for hiding electronics and batteries. I've added a nOOds to the pocket square and two nOOds to the underside of the coat's lapels.

I'm using a piece of iridescent organza as a pocket square. This kind of fabric is translucent and picks up the light from the nOOds very well. A white silk square would work well too.

Fold over one edge of your pocket square with the nOOds inside. Carefully stitch along the edge, being very careful not to hit the nOOds with your needle.

Zoot Suit Lapels

First I threaded the nOOds through a small hole in the pocket lining and into the suit lining, then pulled them through a small hole in the back of the lapel. This keeps all the wires on the interior of the suit lining and out of my way.

I attached my nOOds to the underside of the suit's lapels, about 1/8" from the edge so they cast an indirect, subtle glow. I sewed them in place by hand, using a clear monofilament sewing thread which disappears against the light. 

I did need to lenghten some of the wires and shorten others once I had all the elements in place. This isn't too hard to do as you build your project. Just be sure you've got plenty of extra wire and heat shrink on hand.

Once all the wires were managed and stitched into place, I slipped the electronics into the breast pocket with the pocket square. I sewed the QT Py and battery holder to the inside top of the breast pocket so they're easy to access without fiddling.

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