Now that all the electronics are securely placed, it's time to add skin and paint to finish the dragon. Cloth mache is nearly the same technique as paper mache, only you're using cloth dipped in white glue instead of paper dipped in flour. 

Start by doing the gums and inside of the mouth, and get it all painted and finished before permanently attaching the jaw. Then do the body, wings, and head. Get the legs and claws adjusted as best you can and let it all dry. The dragon will still have a little bit of flexibility once it's dry, but it's best to get the position as perfect as possible ahead of time, so you don't crack the skin or paint.

If you get glue on the teeth or spines or eyes, it wipes off really easily when it's wet. 

When the cloth mache is fully dry, paint your dragon with acrylic paints. I like the shine of metallic paints as they really pick up the light from the NeoPixels. Wipe off any paint that gets on the spines or claws before it dries.

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