Time to play with flowers!  Get out your floral tape and wrap your neopixel, wires, and fiber optics like a mummy.


Floral tape is wonderful stuff.  It sticks to itself without being sticky, and lets the light shine through beautifully while covering up the black electronics.  

Floral Tape FTW!! Who Knew??

I may just use floral tape in every electronics project ever from now on.

Slide your neopixel inside your main flower.  Choose a couple more flowers and tape them all together.


Tape the battery and the feather to the stems, with the USB port at the bottom.


Wrap all the wires neatly, with the USB port available for charging, the switch available for switching, and the green antenna wire coming out the top.

If you're making this a few days ahead of time, leave the flower stems extra long so you can keep it in a vase of water without submerging the electronics.

Finish by wrapping the base with ribbon to cover the floral tape.

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