Necklace Wiring

NOTE: The G pin on the Trinket and on the Backpack Charger both have two wires attached.  Take note and solder them in at the same time.

  • Neopixel 5v to Trinket BAT
  • Neopixel Din to Trinket #4
  • Neopixel G to Trinket G
  • Backpack Chgr BAT to Trinket BAT
  • Backpack Chgr G to Trinket G AND to Induction Coil -
  • Backpack Chgr 5v to Induction Coil +
  • Backpack Chgr switch pins to Mercury Tilt or Vibration Switch (cut the trace before soldering to activate the switch)
  • Backpack Chgr + and - to battery + and - (remove the connectors and solder directly for a smaller form factor)

Charging Base Wiring

  • Coil - to AC Adapter -
  • Coil + to AC Adapter +

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