This pendant contains one small Galaxy from Pandora's Cluster.  The gravitational pull of this galaxy is such that you'll feel everyone's eyes pulled toward you whenever you wear it. It's encased in solid resin to keep the stars and planets inside from spinning out of control or escaping. 

It's tough enough to keep its galaxy's inner gravities from tearing a hole in our reality, which makes this pendant safe for hot tubbing, night diving, or teething babies.  It is fully submersible and 100% playa-proof.    

The magical inner workings include an inductive wireless battery charger and a gravity-activated on/off switch -- right side up turns it on, upside down (or lying flat) turns it off.  Yes.  Just like magic. 

Electronic Guts

Crafty Stuff


  • Soldering iron & accessories
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3D Printer (optional)
  • 26 AWG wire

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