Sewable electronics? Yes, this is a thing! If you have more experience with needlework than with hand tools, it might be just the trick for certain situations.

These “soft circuits” rely on a special conductive thread. Ladyada scoured the planet in search of the perfect kind of stainless steel.

Sewable LED Sequins already have a resistor built in…they can stitch to a battery holder. Just don’t cross the tracks, and you’re golden.

The metallic thread isn’t insulated, so this is best for outerwear, not against the skin. The cool part is…with the battery removed, these garments can safely be washed.

Conceptually, these circuits are identical to their wire-and-solder counterparts, observing the same principles of polarity and resistance and such. Only the materials, methods and sometimes scale are different.

There’s a lot more than just LEDs, too. Sewn circuits are a whole medium in itself. This guide will lead you down the rabbit hole.

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