Look, we're not saying anyone's watching you. We're not saying that some secret organization has taken over your webcam and is recording you, right now, as you read this sentence.


And we're definitely not saying the government's watching you. We're not saying that the FBI or the NSA took over your laptop's camera and are making sure you're not using your Onion Pi too much.


But let's just say, hypothetically, that it wasn't crazy and that someone did want to take over your webcam and watch your every move. And let's just say you didn't want them to.

Then maybe 3D Printing a webcam blocking cover wouldn't seem so ridiculous. They completely block the camera while provide a fun way to customize your computer with Lego blocks or even mini figs!


Again, we're not saying anyone's watching you. All we're saying is that they might be - and isn't that good enough?

In additional to protecting and customizing your computer beyond plain stickers, you can devise unique solutions for attaching lights or just use a mini figure to help hold your charging cable when not in use!

Mini fig Adabot is fully compatible with all mini figures, so it's easy to completely mix and match parts from other sets!




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