Test shape

The clips are designed with a few different angles so you can make all sorts of characters and letters.

The NeoPixel strips are pretty flexible so they can easily bend to form different shapes. 

Just press them in between the clips and adjust the position to spell out words.

Cut strips to size

You can cut the NeoPixel strips by following the visible lines across the back side of the sheathing.

To reveal the solder pads, you’ll want to carefully cut through the silicone while leaving a strip over the LED so the lightning is still diffused.

Labels are printed on the flexible PCB so you can see what the connections are for power, ground and data.

You can tin the pads by applying a bit of solder using the tip of the soldering iron. 

Size wire

Silicone cover stranded core ribbon wire can be used for connecting multiple strips together.

Chain shapes

Multiple strips are daisy chained together to spell out the word, “BUSY” but it doesn’t have to be letters.

The wiring was sized and planned so the animations flows from one letter to the next.

Adjust shape

The tolerances are tight and the silicone sheathing provides a decent grip, allowing you to fine adjust shapes.

Assemble Feather

The Feather is positioned nearby with the battery snap fitted close to the center.

Slide Switch

A slide switch is installed near the edge of the base plate so the sign can easily be turned on and off.

Press fit by inserting the slide switch at angle. The metal tabs on the sides can be adjust to increase the tolerance of the fit.

Attach lipo battery

The 2200mAh lipo battery can slide into the holder. Position so the battery and cable can reach the Feather board.

Adjust height clearance 

Extra bricks can be used to raise the base plate away from the door.

This way there’s enough clearance for the components on the back.

Wall hook

A wall mount part is snap fitted to the top middle brick so it can be hung on the door.

We found a thumb tack or hook was strong enough to hold the weight of the sign and components.


This guide was first published on Aug 12, 2020. It was last updated on Feb 10, 2024.

This page (Assemble) was last updated on Aug 10, 2020.

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