In this project we’re building a Neon-like sign with NeoPixels and CircuitPython.

This uses a LEGO compatible base plate and 3D printed clips to build a light-up sign.

These NeoPixel strips are embedded inside a silicone diffuser so it looks just like real neon lights. The colors are vivid and the LEDs can get pretty bright.

Lots of folks are working remote so we figure it’d be nice to build a sign to let folks know when they’re stuck in meetings or recording their podcasts.

We hung it on our door with a thumbtack but you could also secure it with a command hook.

Since it’s LEGO compatible, you can adorn your sign with bricks and design something that is both playful and customizable.


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Hand flexing Flexible Silicone Neon-like Skinny NeoPixel LED Strip
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1 x 10" x 10" Brick Base Plate
Strictly Briks Classic Baseplates
1 x 10-wire ribbon cable
silicone cover stranded-core

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