Battery Bricks

We need to fit the battery pack onto the rover somehow. I placed it in the center of the base plate. To keep it held in place, I used two 1x6 bricks to line the edges of the battery pack. This way it has less room to rock around. Use as many bricks as you'd like.

Secure Battery

If bricks aren't enough, try double sided foam tape or mounting tack. Next we need to secure the CRICKIT back onto the base plate. Before we do, it's a good idea to note wheel positions and best wire placement. We need the wires to reach, so plan out where the need to be.

Secure Crickit

Place the Crick PCB over the battery pack. Line up the mounting holes with the standoffs and orient the PCB to your preference. While holding in place, insert and fasten M3 screws to secure the PCB to the standoffs.

Connect Motor Wires

Insert the jumper wires from the motors into the screw terminal blocks. The CRICKIT has the motors labeled on the PCB. Reference the photo for correct polarity. If you find the wires lengthly, try wrapping them or routing them around the battery pack and or standoffs. 

DC Power Connect

Now it's time to plug in the battery into the DC barrel jack. Make sure the power switch on the CRICKIT is set to off! You don't want the rover falling off the table.

Battery Installed

The battery pack should be fairly sturdy in between the base plate and CRICKIT PCB. There's extra room of more wires and perhaps other modules and components. The bottom of the Crickit PCB has sharp points that could potentially scratch or puncture, so be aware and cautious. 

This guide was first published on Jul 25, 2018. It was last updated on Apr 29, 2024.

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