Mounts & Plates

The various mounting parts and plates are designed to 3D print with FDM style machines using PLA filament. These parts require very precise tolerances and should be printed with a well calibrated machine. Fittings may vary depending on slice settings.

3D Printed Parts List

Models are oriented to print as is and do not require any support material. The lego studs and tubes needs to be tested before printing the full plates. I suggest test printing the lego-motor-studs part first and see how the fittings feel. Bricks ought to have a tight fit but still be able to remove.  

  • lego-base-plate-tubes.stl
  • lego-base-plate-studs.stl
  • lego-motor-studs.stl
  • lego-motor-box.stl
  • lego-motor-axle.stl
  • lego-servo-tubes.stl
  • lego-servo-box.stl

CURA Slicing

Use the slice settings as reference. Settings may need to be adjust for tolerances. Print parts independently for best results. Test fit parts before full assembly. Parts tested with PLA filament using Ultimaker 3.


  • 0.25mm nozzle for fine quality
  • 0.10mm layer height for LEGO studs/tubes
  • 0.38mm line width / 2 wall line count 
  • 60mm/s printing speeds

What If I Don't Have A 3D Printer?

Not to worry! You can use a 3D printing service such as 3DHubs or MakeXYZ to have a local 3D printer operator 3D print and ship you parts to you. This is a great way to get your parts 3D printed by local makers. You could also try checking out your local Library or search for a Maker Space.

Download STLs

You'll need an STL file to 3D print the mount for the circuit playground express. Click the button below to download the STL from your choice of repo site. 

Design Source Files

The enclosure assembly was designed in Fusion 360. This can be downloaded in different formats like STEP, SAT and more. Electronic components like the board, displays, connectors and more can be downloaded from our Fusion 360 CAD parts github repo.

This guide was first published on Jul 25, 2018. It was last updated on Apr 29, 2024.

This page (3D Printing) was last updated on Apr 29, 2024.

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