This list is a best attempt at identifying suitable parts for this project. Some things might be missing or extraneous!


When I link directly to a part, I am simply indicating which part I used, to the best of my documentation or recollection. This is not a 'kit', with all parts collected and gauranteed to work together. In most cases, many parts will work, however, some editing of the laser cutting files may be required. In just as many cases, a subtle difference between one part and another may cause the part to not fit. It can be difficult to determine that you have the 'right parts' without ordering things and trying it out.

Adafruit Parts

  • BeagleBone Black. I used a Rev B, but a Rev C should work as well.
  • 4x 32x32 LED Matrix Panels, with 4mm pitch (preferably a matched set)
  • BeagleBone Prototype Cape
  • 2x 3" 8Ω speakers
  • 2x Power Distribution Bus
  • 5V power supply
  • Female DC power adapter
  • Male DC power adapter
  • Break-away male header

Arcade Controls

Other Electronics

  • 18" 16-position IDC cable (socket to socket, unshielded, pitch 0.100", polarizing key)
  • 3x 4" IDC cable (possibly included with your LED matrix)
  • USB Audio Adapter (C-Media chipset works natively)
  • 3.5mm male headphone plug


  • 24"x18" cast acrylic, 1/4" thick

General Hardware (it is cheaper to order full lots)

  • 12x Acrylic Standoffs, 12mmx80mm
  • 12x #6 screws
  • 12x #6 washers
  • 12x #6 nuts
  • 4x M3 screws, 12-mm below head
  • 4x M3 standoffs, 18-mm length, female-female
  • 20x M4 screws, 16-mm below head
  • 8x M4 standoffs, 30-mm length, female-female
  • 4x M4 hex-nut, 7.01-mm width
  • 4x M6 standoffs, 64-mm length, male-female
  • 4x M6 standoffs, 51-mm length, female-female
  • 8x 3/8" binding posts with screw
  • 1/4" quick-disconnect crimp connecters
  • .187" quick-disconnect crimp connectors
  • Rubber Bumpers(feet), 1/2" thick
  • Stranded Wire, various gauges 18-26, various colors
  • Nylon spacers and washers, variety of sizes from very thin to 1/4".

 Alternative Parts

  • 10-position barrier block
  • Jumpers for the barrier block
  • 1/4" spade crimp connectors

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