Remove Padding

The trampoline has a protective padding that covers the framing and elastic bands. We'll need to remove it in order to attach the clips and hang the NeoPixel strips. Start by stretching the elastic lining and uncover the padding. You'll notice holes in various spots that accommodate for the threaded posts. These are for attaching the legs to the framing.

Installing NeoPixel Strips

Before we install the strips, we need to plan where the connections are going to be. Ideally, we want them to be closed to one of the legs of the trampoline because that's where we're going to attach the enclosure. We have two LED strips to install, so we'll need each to go in the opposite direction. 




Threading NeoPixel Strips

The NeoPixel strips come with a protective silicone sheathing that is grippy. This introduces friction when the strips rub against the framing. Start by threading the end of the strip through the elastic strap and slowly inch it along the framing. Using both hands, guide both ends of the strip through the elastic straps until the whole strip is covering the framing. Repeat the process for the second strip, but going in the opposite direction. Once both strips are in place, attach the clips across the framing and hang the strip making sure not to cover up the LEDs. 

Attaching the Vibration Sensor

Finding the best location for the vibration sensor requires a bit of play testing. For me, I mounted the sensor inside one of the elastic bands. This way it'll easily get triggered whenever the bed is slightly vibrated. I found the sensor to come out after a handful of jumps so I added some mounting tack to hold it in place. I could have also used zip ties, gaffers tape, hot glue or even sewed it onto the strap. I originally embedded the sensor in the enclosure but found it difficult to trigger. It might also work mounted to the framing or one of the legs. Experiment with different spots and methods of securing it to the trampoline.

Clip Case to Trampoline

The clip attached to the leg closest to the LED strip connectors. I oriented the case so that the microUSB is facing the bottom – This way the LED wiring isn't twisting or bending. The clip should have a tight fit and grasp the leg snuggly. 

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