Count and Cut NeoPixel Strip

The 3 meter long NeoPixel strip includes 90 LEDs in total. I wrapped the full length around the trampoline (36" in diameter) and found that I only need 80 LEDs. The remaining ten pixels can be cut off using a pair of scissors. Because of the hardware limitations with CircuitPython, we found running the code with 90 NeoPixels was slow and delayed. To combat this, we can cut the strip in half, so each contains just 40 pixels each. Then, in the code we reduced the pixel count to just 40.

Wire JST to NeoPixel Strip

With our two strips of 40 NeoPixels (80 in total) we can solder the JST receptacles to the pads. It's very important to note which wire will be attached to the 5V, GND and DIN pads. I connected the male JST plug to the female receptacles and followed the colored wires, going red to 5V, black to GND and yellow to DIN. This way we can keep the connections across the two consistent. Double check the wiring before soldering the wires to the pads on the NeoPixel strips. I found tinning the pads with a bit of solder first makes it easier to attach the wires.




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