Perma-Proto PCB

There's several wires in the build that will need to connect to the USB (voltage) and ground (G) pins on the ItsyBitsy board. I used a piece perma-proto PCB to extend the voltage and ground pins on the ItsyBitsy board. There's three voltage wires and five ground wires needed. I used a 2x6 piece, a little extra for good measure. To cut the PCB, I used a Dremel rotary tool with a thin cut wheel. I suggest cutting in a well ventilated area and use a dust mask and safety glasses. I used a Panavise to hold the PCB steady.

Wire Perma-Proto PCB

One set of voltage and ground pins will need to be connected to the ItsyBitsy board. We'll need two pieces of wire. I used 26AWG silicone covered wires here to provide the NeoPixel strips with sufficient current. To keep the PCB sturdy while soldering, I used a pair of third helping hands. 




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