Circuit Diagram

This provides a visual reference for wiring of the components. They aren't true to scale, just meant to be used as reference. The vibration switch wasn't available in Fritzing so instead we have a tilt switch – These are basically the same pin layout.

The ItsyBitsy has a special pin that has high-level logic output, D5. If you're having problems getting the NeoPixel strip to light up using D10, try swapping the DIN wire to D5 and also update the CircuitPython code!

Wired Connections

Ground will be shared by the neopixel strip, vibration switch and the button. The circuit will be powered via USB battery bank.

  • Pin 10 from ItsyBitsy M0 to DIN on NeoPixel Strip
  • Pin 9 from ItsyBitsy M0 to Vibration Switch
  • Pin 7 from ItsyBitsy M0 to Button Switch
  • Pin USB from ItsyBitsy M0 to +5V on NeoPixel Strip
  • Ground from ItsyBitsy M0 to NeoPixel strip, vibration switch and button

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