Mock up your layout using safety pins to attach the pixels and spikes to your hoodie.
You can use zipties to cinch up the wires between pixels to put them closer together. There is no right way to arrange your spikes! Put a line of them up the back of the hood, cluster them on one shoulder, or any other arrangement you can think up. You can vary the size of the spikes and even try printing in a different color material (in the photo above, a few spikes are printed in clear NinjaFlex).
When you're happy with the design, clip off the unused pixels with flush diagonal cutters, and stitch the pixels and spikes to the hoodie one by one.
Take a reference photo if you want to remove all the spikes, or just stitch one on at a time so you don't forget where each one goes.
Use a USB battery pack to power your hoodie-- you can stash it in the pocket and run a USB cable to FLORA. Keep in mind that FLORA's onboard switch does not control USB power, and so to turn off you may have to disconnect the USB cable.

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