If needed, solder the included headers to the underside of your Prop-Maker wing.

Stack the assembled Prop-Maker wing on top of the Feather board and solder them together. More about soldering headers can be found in our Headers Guide.

Solder a 3"-4" wire to each leg of your momentary switch and your on/off switch. Cover the connections with heat shrink.

Solder the momentary switch to the two holes on the Prop-Maker wing to A1 and G. These are the holes on either side of the hole marked with "(o)". It doesn't matter which wire goes to which hole.

Solder the two wires from the on/off switch to the G and EN pins on the Prop-Maker wing. Again, the wires are interchangeable here. The way these switches work is by briefly connecting the two wires together when the switch is pressed, and the code simply listens for the connection.

Since we've got tight quarters, we'll be placing the Feather right on top of the battery. To protect the battery and prevent shorts, glue a thin barrier on the battery. I used pink sparkly craft foam, because that's how I roll, but any non-conductive foam or tape or thick fabric should work here.

Plug your battery's JST connector into the connector on the side of the Feather. Make sure the lights on the board come on and turn off when you click the on/off switch.

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