Buckle up and show off your new electro-punk fashion! To clean it, simply remove the battery and wipe with a damp cloth, allowing to dry before re-inserting the battery. Since the battery is exposed, we don't recommend wearing your collar out in the rain unless you take further action to make it water-resistant. The faux suede is made from polyester and so shouldn't hold too much moisture if you're sweating, but take the collar off if you are really sweaty to avoid quickly draining the battery. =]
Treat your new creation with care! Store it in the round, buckled, and take caution not to bend or flatten it, as these actions could break your LED connections!
At this time we recommend making this project with RED LEDs only! Blue LEDs have too high of a forward voltage for a single coincell to power them all brightly, but try other colors at your own risk.

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