Put the collar on and decide where you want the LEDs to be in relation to the buckle (your placement may vary depending on your neck size). Start by measuring and marking the locations for the 10 LEDs along the collar (make marks on the inside surface). Use a ruler and space them just a little less than one inch apart. Use a sharp utility or craft knife on a cutting-safe surface and slice small vertical slits for the LED legs to pierce through.
Make one extra slit at the end of the row, where the potentiometer will go.
Start inserting LEDs through the slits you made in the collar, making sure that they are oriented the same way (all long leads facing one way, all short leads facing the other).
Buckle the collar, adjusting it to the same size as it will be on your neck. Ahh, the LED leads look like some sort of torture device! Fold the negative (shorter) legs of your LEDs all down in the same direction, towards the end of the row where the battery will go. Allow the leads to curve, following the contour of the collar.

Insert the potentiometer into the final slit, and bend the leads at the inside of the collar to hold it in place-- the center lead should be bent one way, while the outer two leads should be bent the other way. This leaves more room for soldering with less chance of shorting anything out.
The last negative lead should line up with the center lead of the potentiometer.

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