Join Halves

The sign and wire holder are glued together with super glue. Join the two halves together with the flat bottoms facing each other.

Super Glue is tricky stuff! Don't get it on you, especially your face (wear googles).

Assembled Sign

Allow the glue to dry before handling. 

Install Noodles

Reference the photo for correct placement. Install the noodles into the sign by insert the ends through the loops using tweezers or flat nose pliers.

Press the rest of the noodle into their corresponding channels.

Red noodle for the bowl. Yellow noodle for the noodle. Blue noodle for the chop sticks.

Noodle Wires

Flip the sign to show the wire holder face up.

Measure and cut wires to create the channels for the three noodles.

Leave a minimum of 3in(76mm) of length for the last VCC and GND wires so they can be connected to the JST battery socket.

Tin Wire Tips

Use wire strippers to remove a bit of insulation from the tip of each wire.

Add a bit of solder to the tips of each wire. This helps prevent the strands of wire from fraying.

Connect Wires

Solder the wires to the various noodles. Use Tweezers to help keep wires in place while soldering.

Solder Wires

Continue to solder the wires to the ends of the various noodle.

Orient the sign for better handling for more comfortable soldering.

Continue Soldering

Get the next round of wires soldered.

Take your time, soldering two wires to a single pin can be tricky!

More Soldering

Keep going. Almost there.

Last Ends

Finally, solder the remaining wires to the LED noodles anode and cathode.

Connect 2-pin Cable

Solder the last two wires to the 2-pin JST cable. Add pieces of heat shrink tubing to help insulate the exposed wire.

Wired Noodles

Take a moment to take all of the wires have been properly soldered.

Circuit Power Test

Connect the 2-pin cable from the LED noodles to the coin cell battery holder. 

Use the built-in slide switch to turn the circuit on and off.

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This page (Wiring) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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