Scifi Inspired

You can build a sci-fi inspired lantern using an Adafruit QT Py and LED Noodles. 3D print parts to build a container that showcases these flexible LED filaments.

Powered by the QT Py RP2040, six individual LED noodles are wired up to the GPIO pins and controlled with PWM.


It features a latching push button with a built-in LED ring for turning the lantern on and off. There’s also a print-in-place handle with a built-in hinge that allows it to swing back and forth.

USB Charging 

It’s running off a cylindrical lipo battery so it’s portable and will last for several hours.

The USB port is accessible and can charge the battery with a Lipo Charger BFF add-on.


Video of hand holding a QT Py PCB in their hand. An LED glows rainbow colors.
What a cutie pie! Or is it... a QT Py? This diminutive dev board comes with one of our new favorite chip, the RP2040. It's been made famous in the new
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Video of a person with white painted nails unplugging a USB cable from a small, black, square-shaped lipo battery breakout board soldered to a similarly shaped microcontroller, which is also connected to a monochrome OLED display breakout. The OLED breakout displays battery and power data.
Is your QT Py all alone, lacking a friend to travel the wide world with? When you were a kid you may have learned...
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Video of a pair of white hands coiling and playing with a 300mm long green LED filament.
Our favorite food when hacking on code or electronics is a hot bowl of noodles - and around NYC these are often called 'noods'! What we've got here are flexible LED...
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Lithium Ion Cylindrical Battery - 3.7v 2200mAh with JST PH connector
Need a big battery for your project? This lithium-ion battery contains a 2200mAh and a protection circuit that provides over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current protection. Yet,...
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Top view of a small Altoids breath mint case with two Adafruit Perma-Proto Small Mint Tin Size Breadboard PCBs.
Making a project that will fit into an "Altoids Smalls" Mint Tin? Or maybe you just need a small amount of prototyping space and a larger breadboard size is too big? Put down...
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Angled shot of 5 36-pin headers upright.
Headers are like the duct tape of electronics. They're great for connecting things together, soldering to perf-boards, sockets for wires or break-away header, etc. We go...
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Angled shot of Rugged Metal On/Off Switch with Red LED Ring - 16mm Red On/Off.
These chrome-plated metal buttons are rugged and look real good while doing it! Simply drill a 16mm hole into any material up to 1/2" thick and you can fit these in place,...
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1 x Resistor Pack
6x 10 Ohm resistor for LEDs
1 x M3 Hardware Kit
Black Nylon Machine Screw and Stand-off Set – M3 Thread
1 x 3-pin Cables
1.25mm Pitch 3-pin Cable Matching Pair - 40cm long - Molex PicoBlade Compatible
1 x 10 Wire Silicon Cable
10 Wire 1 Meter Long - 28AWG Black

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