Build a neon stick-person costume from LED neon strips. These strips glow really brightly when connected to power, without the need for additional controllers or code of any kind. Just solder them together, plug in your battery pack, and glow!

They come in a lot of different colors, so you can glow in style. Make one for everyone in your family for an unforgettable group costume next Halloween. 

This tutorial will show you how to connect the strips together and power them, and make a simple velcro harness that straps on over your dark clothing to bring the costume to life. It's easy to adjust to fit different sized people, and no sewing is required. 

Suit up and let the dancing commence.

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You'll need batteries and a little bit of extension wire as well.

2 x Wire
2m Silicone Stranded Wire in Red & Black
2 x Batteries
8 AA batteries
1 x Heat Shrink
Heat Shrink Tubing - 1/4"

You'll Also Need

  • A bike helmet 
  • Clear / white zip ties
  • Velcro One-Wrap - A 25 foot roll will work for one adult-sized costume

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