Begin installing the NeoPixel LED strip by starting with the end of the strip going in first with the light side facing up.

In the cat sign, the end of the strip is fitted into the tail first.

Installation (Continued)

Continue to press the strip into the channel.

Be careful not to bend the strip too much when fitting into sharp corners.

The strip won't fully conform to sharp corners due to the thickness of the silicone. Signs like the lightning bolt feature  corners with minimum radius of 8mm.

Excessive flexing and bending can damage the NeoPixel LED strip.

Installation (Continued)

Proceed to fit the NeoPixel LED strip into the sign with the starting end going in last.

Gently go back and forth pressing the strip into the sign to fully seat it into the channel.

Installed Strip

And thats it! Congratulations on building a Neon-like sign.

Power it Up!

Use a 5V USB battery or power supply to power the QT Py RP2040 using a USB-C to USB-A cable.

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