Slice Settings

Use PLA filament that is tested and proven to produce strong parts. Reference the following slice settings for best results.

  • 220C Nozzle Temperature
  • 60C Heated Bed
  • 0.4mm Line Width
  • 2x Wall Line Count
  • 10% Infill Gyroid
  • 6x Top/Bottom Layers

Build Volume

The parts require a 3D printer with a minimum build volume.

Rotate lightning bolt sign to utilize diagonal length of the bed.

  • 300mm (X) x 300mm (Y) x 100mm (Z)

Blinka The Python

A simple outline of Blinka, the CircuitPython mascot. 


This is rainbow-like shape that curves at the end of each segment.

Lightning Bolt

This bolt features three segments and very tight corners.

Neon Kitty

This is a simple side-profile of a cat with a long and curvy tail. Meow!

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