Wiring IR breakbeam receiver

Use a 2-wire ribbon cable and measure to 40cm in length. This wire is long in order to wrap around the 3D printed hoop. The ground and voltage wires from the IR sensor are extended by slicing them with the 2-wire ribbon cable. Use heat shrink tubing to insulate exposed wire.

Wiring IR breakbeam transmitter

A 3-wire JST cable is soldered to the three wires on the IR transmitter. A JST connector allows the sensor to be easily connected and disconnected. Use heat shrink tubing to insulate exposed wire.

IR breakbeam Hoop Wiring

Place the IR breakbeam receiver inside the hoop and gauge the length of wire. It should be long enough to wrap around half of the hoop with extra slack at the end for connecting to a 2-wire JST connector.

Secure IR breakbeam receiver

Use an M2.5 x 10mm long screw to secure the IR receiver to the hoop. Press the IR sensor into the recess on the end of the hoop. Hold in place while fastening M2.5 screw. The LED should be orientated with the mounting tabs facing up.

Thread Wiring

The 3D printed hoop features a channel for housing the wiring. This keeps the ribbon cable from coming out during gameplay. Insert and thread the wiring through one of the channels. Doesn't matter which side as they're both symmetrical. 

Hole Relief for Wiring

The channels have an opening nearly half way through the hoop to allow access to the wiring. This can help provide a hold on the wiring to further thread the wiring half-way around the hoop.

Exit Hole

Continue to thread the wiring from the IR receiver until it's poking through the other end. Carefully insert the wiring through the hole closest to the channel exit.

Installed IR receiver

Double check the wiring has been pulled all the way through. The wiring should wrap around half-way through the hoop. The IR LED should be orientated with the mounting tabs pointing up.

Solder JST cable

A 2-wire JST female cable is soldered to the wiring on the IR receiver. Double check the polarity is matching with the ground connecting to the black wire and voltage to the red wire. Use heat shrink tubing to insulate the exposed wire.

Soldered JST cable

The hoop now has the IR receiver installed and wired up. 

Secure IR Transmitter

The IR transmitter is installed to the opposite end of the the hoop near the mounting tabs. Place and insert the IR transmitter into the recess in the middle. Hold in place while fastening M2.5 x 10mm long screw.

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